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        全國24小時咨詢熱線: 13926238353





        In July 2019, the 14th International Foundry Fair (gifa2019, every four years) was solemnly opened in Dusseldorf Exhibition Center, Germany. Mr. Zhang and Ms. Zhou, zoomzu's foreign trade specialists, accompanied Mr. Lu, chairman of the board of directors, went to Germany to participate in the fair. The booth is located in hall 17 / booth A02. They know each other's foundry equipment in the international foundry industry, and know more friends from all over the world Friends and exhibitors.



        During the exhibition, we took photos with friends who came to investigate and understand the casting level automatic molding machine products, exchanged business cards and information with each other, so that more friends in the international casting industry could know our equipment and know zoomzu.



        It is also this international exhibition that allows foreign people who have never met before to sit together and talk about everything, so that they can have a more detailed understanding of each other



        After the exhibition, I visited some European tourist attractions such as Germany and Holland


        鑄造造型機廠家 長按二維碼添加微信好友


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